Rusty Surfboards Team Rider Profile: Tiare Thompson

November 8, 2013


Name: Tiare Thompson
DOB: February 16, 2001
Born: La Jolla, California, USA
Resides: La Jolla, California, USA
Height: 5’2″ (157.48 cm)
Weight: 97 lbs. (43.9885 kg)
Stance: Natural
Sponsors: Rusty Surfboards, California Pizza Kitchen, Matuse Wetsuits, FCS, SPY, Sector9, Headhunter Sunscreen
Shaper: Rusty Preisendorfer
Magic Stick: 5’2″ Josh Kerr “Yes Thanks” Model
Training Ground: WindanSea Beach & Blacks
Favorite Wave: WindanSea Beach in La Jolla
Favorite Maneuver: 12 o’clock snap off the top, roundhouse, foam climbs and getting barreled
Inspirations: Bethany Hamilton, my little sister Alexa, most of all, my mom Annalena and my Dad, Foster
Years Ripping: Still learning, started surfing @ 4 &1/2 years old in Tavarua, Fiji
Favorite Surfer: Carissa Moore
When You’re Not Surfing: Homework and thinking about paddling out
Music that puts you in the mood: Rock and Katy Perry
Best Books: Divergent Trilogy, Veronica Roth; Warriors series, Erin Hunter
Best Movies: Snatch and any animated Pixar flick
Future Goals: Win a World Title, to be the best sister and a great daughter…family first!!!

Recent Surfing Accomplishments:

  • Tiare was selected to be on the developmental squad of the PacSun USA Junior Surf Team for the 2013-2014 season. The developmental squad consists of 7 boys and 2 girls under the age of 16, that have been hand-picked and selected to train with the PacSun USA Junior Surf Team.  This is an invitation only team and a huge honor.
  • Surfing America Nationals 2013: Tiare earned 3rd Place in the Girls Under 12 Division and made it to the semi-finals in the Girls Under 14 Division
  • Western Surfing Association: Tiare is the West Coast Champion and Title Conference winner in the Girls Under 12 and Girls Under 14 Divisions
  • NSSA West Coast Regional Championships 2013: Tiare earned 3rd in Explorer Girls 14 and under division and 2nd in Explorer Women’s division.  NSSA Open Girls 14 and under division she earned 4th place
  • NSSA Nationals 2013: Tiare earned 6th place in the Explorer Girls 14 & Under Division (with the other five competitors from the age of 14-15 from Hawaii) and she made it to the semi-finals in the Open Girls division

Tiare will be getting a lot of exposure this year being the West Coast Champion and having recently joined the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) this year for some more prominent exposure in the Women’s Junior Pro surfing events in Florida, California, Hawaii and Barbados.

Click here and here for more about Tiare.

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