Noa Deane – Cheese

January 20, 2014

CHEESE from noa deane on Vimeo.

If contests aren’t your jam, then you’ve gotta put out clips that land in the top 10 percent of quality on the internets. Which is exactly what Noa Deane does.

His latest cut, Cheese, is shot on the east coast of Oz, sliced to The Cure, then after a brief fast food interlude, he strips the rubber and hammers through Hawaii with The Adolescents’ Amoeba jacked up.

The slow-mo works (drink in the nuances!). The 540 oop attempt is thrilling. Every air is, uh, big, and the rail werk is beyond Noa’s s years.

Filmed by Shane Fletcher, Wyatt Davies, Mikey Mallalieu and Darcy Ward Edit by Shane and Noa 

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