Colin and Sierra Kerr’s New (Self-Shaped) Sleds

February 7, 2014


The Kerr family have been visiting the Rusty factory for more than Josh’s boards of late. Last month Colin and Sierra came along, too, to get a lesson from Rusty himself and to start the process of shaping their own sleds.

Josh and Rusty with the blanks for Colin and Sierra's boards.

Josh and Rusty with the blanks for Colin and Sierra’s boards.


“The kids learnt a valuable lesson finding out how much effort and time goes into each board by shaping their own yesterday! Kids were stoked to create their own craft! Thank you so much @rustypreisendorfer for guiding them and showing them the ropes by a master!” – Josh Kerr


Colin shaping his very own 5’2.

Sierra shaping her 4'6

Sierra shaping her 4’6


The Final Product


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