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New Year, New Crew. Meet the New Surfers Repping the R-Dot in 2017

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Team Spirit

New year, new crew. Come meet the surfers repping the R-Dot in 2017.

Harry Bryant

First you'll see the bowl cut, then you'll see the grin and soon enough you won't be able to avoid the flurry of fins and flair as Harry Bryant, clown prince of Noosa Heads, comes flying down the line. On land Harry is a throwback to Aussie larrikins of times gone by, in the water he is a fun reminder of all that is radical in modern surfing.

Whether chasing heaving left caves with the West Aussie desert crew, challenging Tom Curren to a standup bodyboard duel at Uluwatu, jumping on last minute twin fin missions in Sri Lanka, or loading up a Kijang for the Indonesian roadtrip from hell with Chris Ward, Harry will never turn down an adventure, nor shun the opportunity to score the best waves of his life.

A lanky goofy footer who grew up on the dreamy righthand pointbreaks of the Sunshine Coast, Harry boasts a lethal backhand but also owns an astonishing frontside approach. These days you'll find him on the South Coast more often than not, quenching his thirst for beefy reefs and meaty slabs. From big pits to big punts, there isn't a section Haz won't pull into, fly over, or smash silly, and the kid's just getting started.

Still just 20 years old, Harry's wandered away from competition to explore the world and surf his brains out. He's got the talent to succeed in a jersey, but until his hunger for paddle battles outweighs his lust for life on the road he's happy to traipse round Australia in his four-wheel-drive, or fill his passport with stamps. Harry's our kind of human.

Not enough? Add  @harrybryant on Instagram for more of the good stuff.

Pamatatau Davies

Hailing from Bondi Beach means you've got to stand out to be counted. Young Sydneysider Pama Davies has done just that over the years, whether that's getting tricky in the small stuff around home or heading for the reefs of the South Coast to get stuck into some juice when winter swells show up.

Pama (pronounced Palmer, for those playing along at home) grew up on the single fins and twinnies that filled his dad's garage, a buttery smooth style testament to a craft learned the right way. Although he hails from northern end of his beach, a ban on fibreglass saw Pama a slave to the South Bondi rip bowl in his youth, but with his hometown turning into more of a circus by the minute these days you're more likely to find him roaming the planet in search of waves, and that's just how he likes it.

"I want to go everywhere!" he says. "That's the dream right? Surf, travel, have fun, what more is there?" With a Rusty sticker now perched on the nose of his board, Pama has the stability he needs to attack life on the road, release as many video edits as possible, and take his surfing to the next level.

Pama is the epitome of the salt-encrusted frother, and rare are the days where the natural footed ninja doesn't dive into the brine. Tight with a young crew of east coast Aussies who are pushing their performances in video parts not jerseys, Pama is the epitome of modern surfing, futuristic in the water yet respectful of where he's come from. When he's not surfing you'll find the 21-year-old cruising at his local skate park or kicking back with a sunset tin, surrounded by mates. As for the Rusty team's reputation for raising hell? "I'm totally fine with that," he grins wickedly.

Follow along right here for more of  @pamadavies adventures around the world.

Lucas Silveira

Don't judge Brazilian man-child Lucas Silveira by his 2015 world junior title. Yes he's a weapon in the singlet but his prowess extends beyond the limits of three-to-the-beach surfing. You probably don't want to read too much into Lucas' hefty physique either, for although he's capable of massive turns, he can fling his fins when needed, and is adept at dodging, dipping, diving, ducking, and dodging some more when the curtain falls.

Truth be told Lucas grew up struggling in small waves, and couldn't string a heat together to save himself. Legendary and much-missed Brazilian hellman Ricardo dos Santos took Lucas under his wing and he shone in heavy waves from a young age, recording month-plus stints in Hawaii every winter for a decade. Finally, sick of being teased for his lack of aerial prowess, Lucas decided to add some flair to his repertoire and the results have been incredible.

If you must judge Lucas, maybe you should do so on his bulldozing runs through a string of massive Nias barrels last year, or his recent Hawaiian highlight reel, showcasing everything from punts to Pe'ahi and all points in between, that lead to Surfing Magazine boldly proclaiming that "Lucas Silveira has no weakness".

Best of all, the 21-year-old powerhouse from Florianopolis is just a damn good bloke to have a beer and a game of pool with. If you can get a word in, as Lucas' perfect English and rugged good looks see ladies climbing over each other his attention.

Bonus fact? The kid absolutely rips on a snowboard. Some guys have all the luck.

Like what you see? Get a whole lot more Lucas in your life at  @lsilveira96.

Noah Schweizer

Life's a dream if you're 21-year-old Noah Schweizer. Hailing from Florida but with skills honed around the globe Noah's been gracing mags and websites for years, his razor sharp air game and deft tube prowess seeing him comfortable wherever he turns up.

New Smyrna Beach is a hotbed of talent – you might have heard of the Geiselman brothers and legendary Mometum punt king Aaron "Gorkin" Cormican – but Noah's biggest inspiration is even closer to home. "In my eyes my brother Nils always been the best tube rider and big wave surfer," says Noah. "I love watching Dane Reynolds and John John Florence surf, obviously, but there's no bigger motivation to get better than having your brother lead the way."

A fleet-footed regular, Noah now calls California home, and if you believe the man who was once voted Biggest Lady Killer in Surfing Magazine's Peer Poll, these days he won't let anything distract him from his passion for the water, and seeing as much of it as possible around the planet. From New Smyrna Beach to New York, Mexico to Tokyo, Portugal to the Caribbean and beyond, Noah's passport has seen some ink in the past 12 months, and he doesn't want to stop anytime soon.

Does he have a plan? "Right now all I want to do is throw everything I have into my surfing, and putting out videos that show people what I've got. Good surfing to me is someone with good form and style, who surfs fast and never holds back on any section that comes their way. Style plus aggression is where it's at, and I hope that's what people see in my surfing."

"My eventual goal is to make the World Tour, but for now I want to build up experience and get to a point where I'm ready for it. If I can travel a bunch along the way, and go to places where surfers normally don't, well that would be cool too."

Happy to be on the Rusty program? "I couldn't be happier! Rusty is one of the most core brands in surfing, and their team has always been a huge part of that. I'm psyched to be flying the flag!"

Need more?  @noahschweizer is where he hangs.

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