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Rusty Surfboards Demo Tour January 2017

Posted by Staff on

San Diego, California - It’s time to hit the road once again and start up another demo tour to get you guys the chance to get on our boards. Clint will be taking the van up to Northern California and will be making a few pit stops in the region to unload the bus and let you get your feet wet and test out the new models and old favorites.

We’ll have our new models for 2017 available to test out as well as a few classics and current favorites like the Smoothie. Dates and times are as follows:

  • Friday, January 13th - 8am-12pm - Samoa Peninsula with the Shop
  • Saturday, January 14th - 12pm-4pm - Ocean Beach, SF with Wise
  • Sunday, January 15th - 9am-2pm - Stinson Beach with Live Water

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend up north!

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Tim Ehrhard | Fuerteventura Sessions

Rusty team grom, 11-year-old Tim Ehrhard from France, just dropped a new edit from a trip he took to Fuerteventura and scored. Check out the edit from his trip above.See the rest of our team HERE.

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The Perfect Boards for Winter

Winter has finally hit us (officially) and we couldn’t be more psyched for the winter storms that brew and bring us waves to keep us busy during the cold season. With these winter swells bringing more sizable surf it’s idle that we stock up our quivers with a few step ups and big wave boards. [...]

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Real Watersports Chew Toy Review

Our friends at Real Watersports on the Eastern Coast of the US have just published a lengthy review filled with details on what they think of our new model, the Chew Toy. Here are a few highlights:‘The Rusty Chew Toy has a light, performance feel to it. A lot of the time, the boards we test [...]

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Lucas Silveira Floripa Sessions

Lucas Silveira joined Rusty's team this year in 2016 and as a QS surfer and big wave surfer, his schedule is always full and disputed between competitions or some big swell around the globe.Rusty took advantage of Lucas’ stop in Brazil, where he took part in the classic and iconic Hang Loose Pro Contest that [...]

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Josh Kerr Releases New Edit 'Bit On'

Team rider Josh Kerr recently went on a trip to the Mentawai Islands with his family and to sum it up, he scored. Check out his newly released edit 'Bit On' where he rips on our new model the Twin Fin and other Rusty Models in Indo.Learn more about Josh Kerr HERE.

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Jonathan Gubbins in Psychedelic Sand

Rusty Surfboards ambassador Jonathan Gubbins scores yet again in his latest edit released, Psychedelic Sand. With shack after shack after shack it’s no wonder this guy is high on life. Watch the edit above and check it out for yourself.

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Josh Kerr | Twin Fin in Indo

Thinking of the Twin Fin as only a small wave board? Guess again… Here’s Kerrzy ripping on the Twin Fin and getting barreled in Indo.Learn more about the Twin Fin HERE.

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Rusty Introduces the Twin Fin, New for 2017

San Diego, California - Rusty Surfboards is proud to announce the release of their 2017 model, the Twin Fin. The Twin Fin brings you back to the old days as they say but still allows for the modern-day high performance surfing. It’s a board that you’re no doubt going to fall in love with.Rusty designed [...]

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Stab In The Dark: Rusty Preisendorfer

Stab in the Dark was just released a couple of weeks ago and gained a lot of attention in the surf world. As a basic summary, Stab Magazine gets one of the best surfers in the world (this year it was Dane Reynolds) and has the best surfboard shapers in the world shape a board [...]

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