The Rundown: The Stump is something new for the summer board niche. It’s got a fishy outline that provides the surface area for fast paddling and easy gliding through the flatter sections, and leaves you with a heavy curve in the tail. Add in a little more foam up front, an Arc Tail, and a semi-domed deck that concentrates the volume along the stringer and maintains thinner performance rails, and the result is a modern fish that allows the rider to sink a rail in the water with ease and confidence, and makes for an easy transition to and from your short board. The 5-fin convertible setup keeps this board working well in anything from knee to head high +, and keeps beginners to advanced surfers stoked.


Rocker: A steady, moderate curve running from nose to tail.

Concave: A medium-depth single concave bottom, starting just behind the nose, fading out by the end of the tail.

Rails: A happy medium rail, with the ideal combination of edgy performance and forgiveness.

Tail: Built stock with an Arc Tail – The alternative to the swallow that provides a smoother transition between pivot points in the tail. Curvy outline in the bottom half also helps to remove volume from the tail, keeping this board nice and loose.

Fins: The Stump comes stock with a 5-fin convertible setup. This maximizes versatility, allowing for use of the quad setup when the extra boost of speed is needed, and the tri-fin when the extra responsiveness is desired. The 5-fin setup is also great for experimental surfing, so you can see what works best for you!

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