The Blade

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The Blade is a direct descendant of the famous 1984.

In 2014 Rusty Preisendorfer hooked up with Mark “Occy” Occhilupo and did a 100 board reissue of his famous signature “84” model. A year ago Rusty started getting asked to lean out the nose and lose the beak. In addition, he modernized the bottom slightly. The surfers who tried them freaked. Since then Rusty has made them with 4 deep channels. He also decided to give a very modern bottom with a deep single to double concave a shot. Bottom line is that virtually anyone that has tried any of the different bottoms has been psyched and have also ordered them longer as well.

The Blade works in a wide range of conditions. For now we are offering the Blade in a mellow, subtle single to double concave, that bottom with 4 deep channels, and a modern deep single concave.


length width thickness volume
 Channels/No Channels  Channels/No Channels  Channels/No Channels
5'5" 18.25"/ 18.50" 2.08" / 2.08" 23.5L / 24.8L
5'6" 18.37" / 18.63" 2.12" / 2.10" 24.4L / 25.6L
5'7" 18.55" / 18.75" 2.14" / 2.12" 25.4L / 26.4L
5'8" 18.70" / 18.88" 2.16" / 2.14" 26.2L / 27.3L
5'9" 18.83" / 19.00" 2.19" / 2.16" 27.2L / 28.2L
5'10" 18.95" / 19.13" 2.22" / 2.18" 28.2L / 29.1L
5'11" 19.13" / 19.25" 2.24" / 2.20" 29.2L / 30.0L
6'0" 19.25" / 19.38" 2.26" / 2.23" 30.2L / 31.0L
6'1" 19.37" / 19.50" 2.29" / 2.25" 31.3L / 32.25L
6'2" 19.50" / 19.68" 2.31" / 2.27" 32.3L / 33.0L
6'3" 19.67" / 19.75" 2.33" / 2.30" 33.4L / 34.1L
6'4" 19.75" / 19.88" 2.37" / 2.33" 34.5L / 35.25L
6'5" 19.87" / 20.00" 2.40" / 2.34" 35.8L / 36.4L

Turnaround time on boards is going to range anywhere from 2-4 weeks once we start shaping depending on the construction of the board. Estimated turnaround times are as follows:

  • Poly (PU) - 2 weeks
  • Epoxy / Epoly - 3 weeks
  • Torsion Spring - 4 weeks

In the event that the product you purchased online is defective and requires any form of warranty, you need to contact our Customer Service by phoning 858-578-0414 or email at Service@RustySurfboards.com Our Customer Service team will then inform you how to return the product and give you a Return Authorization number. This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper storage or handling, misuse, vandalism, acts of God, or other causes external to the product.

Please note that a change in mind does not constitute an acceptable reason for return in our mind.

Colors on surfboards shipped to customers may vary from colors ordered by customers due to countless factors such as differences in color modes on image files, browsers, palettes, printer’s ink, etc. Such variances in colors do not constitute acceptable grounds for return. 

You have 21 days from the receipt of the online shipment to return any defective item for credit or exchange, provided the merchandise is unused, in original condition, and is returned in the original shipping container .


In the event the product is received damaged, immediately email Serivice@RustySurfboards.com describing your damages. Please include pictures of the surfboard damage as well as the outside and inside packaging. Do not discard any of the shipping materials until we have resolved the claim. Do not use your surfboard if it arrives damaged.

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  • 6'6 Blade Torsion Spring

    Posted by Joe H. on Mar 2nd 2020

    Had it out 3 times. Paddles like my 7’6” almost. Second time waves were good shoulder to head high clean waves but not a lot of juice - perfect for trying it out. . My foot placement was off immediately but it gets into waves easy regardless, feels amazing so stable cruising along it shocks me how it wants rail. Wants more that I can give now but promises fun later. Still playing with foot placement on pop up and drop and all the time really. Nose doesn’t pearl easy at all. It can take a heavier front foot and will only get faster. Slammed my front foot down on deck a few times getting control on drops. Thought for sure would have big dents. But actually just a couple dents that were super minor. Tech is tough but not rigid. Weight is just right. Chop doesn’t bother it. Feels rigid when you hold it in your hands but somehow has give and flex underfoot and not like rock like one of my heavy glass EPS boards. Love the tech. Huge fan. Really happy with the board so far. Will check in again in a few months when I know the board better. losing sleep thinking about the learning curve on this board.

  • Try it to believe it

    Posted by Clay on Jan 21st 2020

    I was going to get another standard shortboard b/c the last Rusty (Sista Brotha) I had was really good, but I was intrigued by the Blade. I got a demo and tried it on a chest - shoulder high clean day and it just opened my eyes. Once I let go of the aesthetics (the fuller rail and flat deck), I found it was blistering fast and the feels like cheating b/c the rails resist bogging. Very versatile from chest to a little OH, weak to punchy surf.
    Some detail of my custom order wasn't followed which is why 4/5 . Otherwise, its a winner. Make sure to ask them about volume adjustment from your regular board dimens for the Blade .

  • Blade (shhh don't let everyone know)

    Posted by Steve Ferlazzo on Jul 12th 2019

    Seriously one of the best boards I've ever ridden..been a frotha for 30 odd years, shed full of boards, this one is up there.

  • Such a Score!

    Posted by Jason S. on Jan 22nd 2019

    I got one of these mid summer and have nothing but great things to say about it. One of my all-time favorites to ride in just about anything from 2-6ft+ beachbreak or 4-8ft reefs thanks to easy paddling. The placement of channels are such a game changer, defiantly feel the water more when its traveling through the tail. The board works insanely good, hope they keep this model around.

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