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Jacob Szekely // Wavepool Wizard

Posted by Staff on

Having been a San Diego native his entire life, Jacob Szekely has had access to the ocean any time he’s ever wanted. But that doesn’t mean the waves have always been great… A kid who has lived his entire life at the beach has always dreamed of one day where there was a constant, consistent and perfect wave 24/7. And with wave pools popping up all over the world this day dream is starting to become a reality.

After Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch went viral with just about every surfer drooling to get a chance to surf it, other wave pools across the country have started to emerge, one being the BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas, allowing more accessibility to these waves. Jacob Szekely was lucky enough to travel to the pool in Waco and give it a test run. Check out the video above to see the result…

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