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The Yeti is designed for the larger , sure-footed, surfer who has an aversion to crowds and a penchant for adventure and quality surf. Often thought of as being a little rough around the edges, The Yeti is actually a very smooth character. If you get a glimpse of him, you’ll see a clean outline that comes from a distinctive lineage that includes the Desert Island and the Big Cat. It has a light single to double concave bottom with a full rail. Searching for that elusive board that always seems out of focus and blurry? The Yeti is the answer.

length width thickness volume
6'8" 20.75" 2.68" 42.1L
6'10" 21.00" 2.75" 44.8L
7'0" 21.25" 2.81" 47.4L
7'2" 21.50" 2.87" 50.0L
7'4" 21.75" 2.93" 52.6L
7'6" 22.00" 3.00" 55.6L

Turnaround time on boards is going to range anywhere from 2-4 weeks once we start shaping depending on the construction of the board. Estimated turnaround times are as follows:

  • Poly (PU) - 2 weeks
  • Epoxy / Epoly - 3 weeks
  • Torsion Spring - 4 weeks

In the event that the product you purchased online is defective and requires any form of warranty, you need to contact our Customer Service by phoning 858-578-0414 or email at Our Customer Service team will then inform you how to return the product and give you a Return Authorization number. This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper storage or handling, misuse, vandalism, acts of God, or other causes external to the product.

Please note that a change in mind does not constitute an acceptable reason for return in our mind.

Colors on surfboards shipped to customers may vary from colors ordered by customers due to countless factors such as differences in color modes on image files, browsers, palettes, printer’s ink, etc. Such variances in colors do not constitute acceptable grounds for return. 

You have 21 days from the receipt of the online shipment to return any defective item for credit or exchange, provided the merchandise is unused, in original condition, and is returned in the original shipping container .


In the event the product is received damaged, immediately email describing your damages. Please include pictures of the surfboard damage as well as the outside and inside packaging. Do not discard any of the shipping materials until we have resolved the claim. Do not use your surfboard if it arrives damaged.

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  • Desert Island C5

    Posted by Vince on Aug 28th 2018

    Clearly this isn’t a review of current boards. I just wanted to say that I bought a Desert Island C5 years ago. I have taken it to many surf breaks in Cali and, sadly, only one out of CONUS to Costa Rica. The board is by far my go-to for anything over 3’ft. Unfortunately, one of the drag fins was lost on my way back. If anybody knows where I can get another set, I would owe you one arm, and a good portion of a leg. It is a very fun board. I recommend one if you can find it.

  • Get the board !

    Posted by Mark on Sep 16th 2017

    Hi. I'm a 51 year old 240 lb without a wetsuit surfer. Been surfing oin and off since I was 20. God, I have to lose weight ... used to be 220 lbs. I had to give up my 8 foot Al Merrick epoxy board as it didn't float me enough. I took this out in New Jersey chest high surf and it rocked ! Catching waves again. Turning easily ... easy paddling with effort. I gave up on surfing fir a while, as it got increasingly difficult to catch waves as I got older and fatter ! This board at 8 feet works. I catch waves agein. And regain a positive attitude on surfing again. Works well even with a wetsuit ( added weight ). Try this board out. If it doesn't work for you, sell it and start over. I really recommend this board. If you are a larger guy, get the 8 ft board. You'll catch waves like a longboard but with shortboard action !

  • Big Guys Can Rip

    Posted by Darryl on Apr 25th 2016

    Just picked up my Yeti. Great working with the team to get it shaped. They were responsive and on target. The board simply rips plane and simple. I am an old guy still short boarding 55 years old. I am 6' 5" 280lbs. I have all the volume I need in the board, floats and paddles well. Turns on a dime I am back to performance surfing like when i was younger. Buy yes hoping up a bit slower. But the Yeti make sit fun again

  • The yeti

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 5th 2016

    The Yeti is a very interesting option to consider for the following surfers: 1) a longboarder looking to get something more nimble 2) older surfers who need more foam for paddle power 3) surfers who just enjoy surfing high volume boards. (or need to for physical reasons)
    I am 52, 6'3", 200 lbs. Surfing for about 40 years. I rode shortboards for decades, then switched to longboards after an injury. I surf NorCal offbeat spots, anywhere from waist high to solid 12 foot faces and somewhat hollow (big wave days are over). This board does it all. I bought an 8'6", and ride it as a four fin. It paddles as well as any board I have ever had. It carries a lot of foam through the foil, and it just seems to glide into waves early which is what I wanted. It will handle a steep drop no problem. I see it as basically a high tech shaved down longboard. It rides as close to a shortboard as possible for this much foam, while it paddles and catches waves as well as any high performance longboard. It rides intuitively, just solid and steady, but will pump for speed, turn hard, glide with a nice nimble feel, whatever, when you ask it to. I see this board as something that will carry me through my 50's into my next phase of surfing whatever that might be and whenever that happens. It's just a bitchin board that an older cat can still get tons of waves, push himself on when its going his way, and feels fresh and up to date and not stale and too cumbersome like my longboard was starting to feel. Highly recommended.

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