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The Zeppelin is a hybrid that really likes to fly! This board is packed with foam and float where it counts,featuring a triple concave bottom, a full outline, low entry and low tail rocker. The grab rails provide for a thinner, more positive, feeling rail that allows for smoother rail to rail transitions. Taking off now!

length width thickness volume
6'0" 21.13" 2.62" 36.93L
6'2" 21.38" 2.74" 40.17L
6'4" 21.62" 2.87" 43.90L
6'5" 21.75" 2.93" 45.60L
6'6" 21.87" 3.00" 47.70L
6'8" 22.12" 3.12" 51.50L
6'10" 22.37" 3.18" 54.40L
7'0" 22.62" 3.25" 57.60L
7'2" 22.93" 3.31" 60.49L
7'3" 23.00" 3.37" 62.85L
7'4" 23.10" 3.43" 61.20L
7'5" 23.18" 3.50" 66.87L
7'6" 23.25" 3.56" 68.93L
7'7" 23.38" 3.62" 71.30L
7'8" 23.50" 3.68" 73.60L
7'10" 23.75" 3.81" 78.64L
8'0" 24.00" 3.94" 83.92L
8'2" 24.25" 4.07" 89.40L
8'4" 24.50" 4.20" 94.96L
8'6" 24.75" 4.33" 100.97L
8'8" 25.00" 4.46" 107.08L

Turnaround time on boards is going to range anywhere from 2-4 weeks once we start shaping depending on the construction of the board. Estimated turnaround times are as follows:

  • Poly (PU) - 2 weeks
  • Epoxy / Epoly - 3 weeks
  • Torsion Spring - 4 weeks

In the event that the product you purchased online is defective and requires any form of warranty, you need to contact our Customer Service by phoning 858-578-0414 or email at Our Customer Service team will then inform you how to return the product and give you a Return Authorization number. This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper storage or handling, misuse, vandalism, acts of God, or other causes external to the product.

Please note that a change in mind does not constitute an acceptable reason for return in our mind.

Colors on surfboards shipped to customers may vary from colors ordered by customers due to countless factors such as differences in color modes on image files, browsers, palettes, printer’s ink, etc. Such variances in colors do not constitute acceptable grounds for return. 

You have 21 days from the receipt of the online shipment to return any defective item for credit or exchange, provided the merchandise is unused, in original condition, and is returned in the original shipping container .


In the event the product is received damaged, immediately email describing your damages. Please include pictures of the surfboard damage as well as the outside and inside packaging. Do not discard any of the shipping materials until we have resolved the claim. Do not use your surfboard if it arrives damaged.

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  • So Far

    Posted by "Dave's Not Here" on Dec 15th 2018

    Have been eyeballing this board for about 2 years now. Started surfing in the early 80's as a kid on a limited budget, read "only had one board." so learned to surf the hard way = on a shortboard. 40 years later fortunate to have a modest quiver: short board, hybrid and longboard. Winter surfing in northern New England with an extra 10lbs of wetsuit weight kind of renders the shortboard useless that's what made the Zeppelin attractive as it looked like a shortboard substitute fast and plus ready to float me/paddle with the added weight. I am 155lbs 5'7" finally pulled the trigger and grabbed the 6'4" from the rack at my surf shop. Took it out yesterday for the first time at my normal beach break spot was 1'-3'; the bigger sets were breaking outside and dying before reforming on the inside to be mostly shore bashing. I was able, on a few of the larger outside sets, to catch the wave, drive it nicely, great feel, fast, turns, control, and then 'bunny hop" it through the deeper water into the inside shore break for a few more turns and pull out. This is my normal surf spot and in all these years (~15) I don't think I have done that before, certainly have tried, but in that deeper water zone never was able to maneuver my boards over that area to ride it all the way in. I often think of my boards as analogous to automobiles, not that I have driven them all, but I see the Zeppelin as a BMW 5 Series vs. a Ferrari or big old Cadillac. I am surprised this board does not get more attention, I asked one of the 'youtuber' board review "experts" to review this and got a "that's not the kind of board I ride" response, which made me hesitant to go this route, but after yesterday absolutely not disappointed and surf report is calling for 5'+ in the next day or two, I will be riding the Zeppelin and might repost, just really stoked so far...current water temp 42 and air 19...brrrr.

  • So fun

    Posted by David Fisher on Feb 13th 2018

    Over 50 and finally found a shorter board that I can ride and have fun again. There are no sacrifices made in paddle or my wave count on my 7 ft 8. This board rips and turns so easy, I am so happy to be off the 9ft logs and riding my Zeppelin.

  • Best board for me...great transition out of a long board...paddles better than anything I have been on.

    Posted by Joe on Aug 21st 2017

    This board just paddles amazing. I am consistently surprised by how well it paddles. This is my go to board these days...I absolutely love this thing!

  • Amazing combination of paddle power, ease of turning and speed.

    Posted by David Wood on Nov 24th 2016

    Wow! I'm riding a 7-6 Zeppelin and it (really!) turns quicker than my 7-0 fish! I'm 6-3 200 pounds - and I can paddle into waves very close to as easy as my 9-6 longboard - or I can do a late takeoff and it pivots quickly down the line like my shortboard. This board just takes off - its the fastest board I've ever ridden - and I can beat out lots of sections. The lightweight and high performance design have helped me to really improve my surfing as my wave count is much higher, yet I can still whip around on the waves. I find this is my go-to boards nearly every day. It works great in both gutless knee high slop and well overhead powerful waves.

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